A Business That Can Scale

If you’ve ever seen the 90’s movie (wow that dates me) “Jerry Maguire” one of the top sports agents realizes one day that his life does not have quite as much purpose as he had recently believed that it had, in fact he begins to realize that all he is doing is making some money, but not really making an impact.  As entrepreneurs and business owners we all have a certain type of ambition to start a business that really matters like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Bill Gates’ Microsoft, even Blake Mycoskie’s Tom’s Shoes.   Tom’s Shoes gives away a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes that they sell, I believe that deep down there are many of us who share those types of hidden ambitions, but we are working so hard on a daily basis to just keep the lights on, pay our business and personal bills and try and grow our business that we usually don’t find time to consider these loftier targets.  So how do you do it?  You must build a business that can scale.

Build a Business That Can Scale

I believe that many of us never are able to create the business of our dreams to make a huge impact and provide social solutions as well because too many of us have a job/business instead of a real business.  A business should function on a day to day basis without needing you to work 60 to 80 hours a week just for the business to function.  To get to that point you will need a team around you to help you free up your time to manage the business.  Be careful this doesn’t mean that you stop working and focus on your golf game, it just means that more of the laborious tasks are handled by your staff so you can plan advanced marketing and product solutions to scale the business.  Of course to be able to scale a business that requires that you are actually in a business that can be scaled and grown.  If you have one restaurant, then you need to get the 2nd one soon, if you do mortgages in one state, you need to get licensed in surrounding states, if you are an insurance agent, then you must become a broker and hire multiple agents, you have to build a business that scales.  One of the best models in today’s economy is to create a business that provides products sold online or membership sites that can grow substantially.  Building a business that can scale is the first step to create a business that makes an impact and has the wherewithal to matter on a social level.

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