Being Unreasonable

If you are alive in America then the last few months you probably saw so much political and election news that you were ready to vomit every time something regarding politics came across your social media or your tv.  I am right there with you, it was absolutely terrible.  That said there are some important lessons to learn regarding being unreasonable with your message and your focus.

President elect Donald J Trump is probably the most polarizing political figure in the history of the world.  Watching the results come in on November 8th were absolutely mesmerizing, in fact for 6 hours I could not even move from my couch.  Much has been discussed about why he won, but I think there is a teaching principle for us all regarding the reasons that he won.  Regardless of whether you love or hate him which is clearly where most people are there are few in between, regardless of that he won the election because he was completely unreasonable in his belief of his message and his chances of winning.  It was really amazing whenever the media would dog him about his weaknesses or how the polls showed that he would be demolished in the election he never gave in for a minute, he always said things like, “we are going to do great,” my polls show that we are winning, he was being unreasonable and didn’t give in for a minute or even come close to entertaining that he might lose the election.

Trump had an incredible belief and he would not let doubt come in for even a second, he would not entertain it, he would not discuss it.  I believe that the fact that he would not even contemplate for a second that he could lose or that his opponent was dominating him in the polls is probably the biggest reason that he resonated with just enough voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida in order to win.  I am still in shock, but never underestimate how powerful your ability to believe, being unreasonable and laser focused on your goal, never underestimate that power that can carry you to the impossible.

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