Who We Are

Lion Credit and Capital (LCC) is a combination of many years of experience providing financing solutions for business owners. Clients can rest assured that their business credit and funding interests are in good hands.  The back bone of the business is tenured with the necessary skills to accomplish the job with the overall focus of securing the very best loan that a business can qualify for among our vast network of funding partners.

 The management team of LCC has decades of experience in Corporate credit building and funding as well as over 50 years of sales experience.  We’ve managed sales teams and groups in multiple types and sizes of sales environments. The team has many years of experience in running multi-million dollar businesses ranging from food services to finance to import/export.  This broad scope of experience helps our team with understanding each industry and their specific needs.

Our Business funding team has successfully provided consulting for hundreds of business owners across the country and our Business Funding software is second to none.  In addition to our Funding Focus, we also have a program that provides business credit, startup business financing & funding support for one year and comes with a $50,000 minimum business funding guarantee.

  Many people subscribe to the belief that “Knowledge is power!”

 LCC believes a little differently… “Knowledge is not powerful, unless it is actually used!”

 The Lion Credit and Capital Team…

 LCC is a Member in Good Standing with the Chambers of Commerce in Riverside, California and Sandy, Utah.