Step 1 Credibility

Establish Credibility

The majority of lenders tend to keep their underwriting guidelines a secret and as a result many business owners are denied financing when they apply as they don’t meet some of the lender’s requirements in order to secure funding.


In Step 1 we bring to light the secret formula that lenders use before they decide to offer financing to a business.  We actually go through all 20 of the secret parameters that lenders look at and help to make sure clients meet or exceed these guidelines so they are qualified before applying for funding.  This ensures that you have the best chance to possible to successfully acquire capital.

For start up businesses and even established enterprises there are compliance steps to satisfy to make sure your business is complying with all state, federal and city licensing requirements.  We help assist you with property entity set up, commercial address, toll free number, website set up, SEO, we have all of the solutions under one umbrella for your business to not only survive, but thrive!

Our business credit advisors will take you through the foundational steps to create a strong reputation and corporate credibility that can only come by having the right knowledge and tools.  Our coaches have helped thousands of business owners to establish a perfect corporate credit foundation so contact us about our corporate credit program to learn more.