Step 2 Strengths vs Weaknesses

strengths vs weaknesses

In Step 2 you learn that building business credit and reducing personal liability are all important focuses for our corporate credit building, but at the end of the day money talks and finding out what the strengths and weaknesses of your particular business can be the difference between securing significant funding or nothing.  In this step we will show you what the criteria is for securing funding in terms of what is known as the 3 C’s:  Cash Flow, Collateral, and Credit.

Cash Flow

Assessing the cash flow and sales patterns of your business is crucial to understanding loan amounts and financing options.  Without strong and consistent cash flow it is difficult for a business to progress and secure large cap financing.  the business credit platform will help you to evaluate where your business is at with this important lending factor.


Whether you are trying to and an SBA loan or buy an important piece of equipment for your business collateral will play a vital role.  Collateral can come in many forms like cash down payments, equipment, real estate, retirement accounts or any asset that is easily turned in to cash.  In step 2 we shed light on the guidelines needed to obtain secured loans.  Many of our clients need commercial vans and semi trucks for their businesses to increase profits and in this step we break down these factors and show you collateral you didn’t even realize was collateral that could help you turn your business dreams to reality.



Knowing where you stand in terms of your credit is essential for your business life as well as your personal life.  In this part of step 2 we evaluate your personal credit score and educate you further on your business credit score.  That’s right your business has a credit score just like you do personally, but there are different rules to business credit versus personal credit and revealing these differences sets you apart from 90% of business owners who have no clue.

Bottom line is that we are aligned with all of the top business lending institutions in America be it banks, non-banks, alternative lenders, and SBA lending.  At the end of the day we connect you with the right lender that lends based on your business’ strengths, and in this step we will help transform your current weaknesses in to strengths by following the system.