Step 3 Business Credit Bureaus

Once you have successfully completed steps 1 and 2 then you open the door to step 3.  In this step we introduce you to the 3 main business credit bureaus.  The business credit platform makes this process seamless and simple.  First you will gain access to Experian smart business credit reports, that will tell you if your business has any current trade lines reporting to their report.  Additional items like financials and inquiries will also be available on the report as well as a score.

Experian business

Next, we take a look at Equifax and verify that the information reporting on your business Equifax report is current and correct.  Equifax is usually known as the business banker bureau as many bank loans report directly to Equifax Business.  Again in step 3 we evaluate trade lines reporting to your Equifax report as well as how to understand the score and report as it differs extensively from the reporting matrixes of Experian.


Finally we get to the grand daddy of them all D & B aka Dun and Bradstreet which is widely recognized as the largest and most well known of the business credit bureaus.  D & B will actually give your business a DUNS number, but instead of spending thousands establishing this number and other parts of your profile which D & B will gladly charge you, through our system and program you can receive your number for free and secure an 80 paydex score without paying D & B a dime.  Our credit platform is the only online system where you can monitor in real time the credit reports of all 3 credit bureaus in one place.

D & B