Step 4 Business Vendors

biz vendors

In Step 4 we pull the curtain back to show you the vendors that will actually help you to build your business credit score.  Many business owners are surprised and confused that the current vendors that they have paid thousands to are not reporting to the business credit bureaus and therefore not building their corporate credit.  In this step we introduce you to dozens of vendors who not only provide your business with products and supplies that it needs but will also report good payment and credit histories to the business credit bureaus.

By getting approved with 5 net 30 vendors who will give your business credit and report to the biz credit reporting agencies your business will be on a path to establishing a top corporate credit score.  This is how trade lines are established on the company report so that a score can be generated, without trade lines reporting good payment histories there can be no credit score for the enterprise.

Your probably asking how do you know what is needed to qualify for credit with each vendor?  The answers are provided on our corporate credit platform and also are explained by our credit coaches who work with these vendors on a daily basis.  No more guessing and hoping you get approved because we already know the parameters for getting an approval.  With over 50 vendors to choose from, the largest selection anywhere, you will find the right products and supplies for your business at a competitive price and with a corporate credit reporting benefit from each payment.

Many of these vendors have simple online applications and will offer credit based off of your tax id instead of your social security number.  In this step we help you realize that your personal credit does not have to be used to build your business credit.