Step 6 Larger Cap Lending

Onward & upward

Once finished with the corporate credit building in step 5 it’s time for Step 6 we then expose you to more funding programs.  Many of these programs will give you the opportunity to qualify for larger funding based on your newly established corporate credit profile and top tier company credit score.  Within step 6 is the reward that steps 1 through 5 have propelled you to.  At this point your business will possess a powerful corporate credit profile and begin to look more like a business that can stand on its own.

When Google needs money its business owners don’t have to personally guarantee the financing as the company credit profile is more than sufficient to qualify the business for funding without including the owner’s personal assets.  At this point you can obtain credit and funding in the name of the business from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express all based on the tax id of the business.

At this point you will have completed the 6 steps to developing a powerful business credit score and profile and have plenty of capital to run your business which will of course make it easier to make your business dreams the truth!