Business Credit Cards

Credit cards       $3,000 to $150,000

Many small businesses use business credit cards in order to more easily track business expenses from personal charges.  Business credit cards are most often unsecured and can be a facilitative source for building one’s business.  One of the benefits of these cards is that they often come with intro terms that include a very low or even 0% rate the first year which means you can essentially finance certain business expenses without having to pay any interest.  There are a multitude of banks and institutions that offer small business credit cards.  These business cards can be obtained by way of good personal credit, business credit or even both.

Even if your business does not currently have a need or use for a business credit card the great aspect of having one is that you don’t have to make payments on a business credit card unless you actually use it.  So in essence it is a great insurance policy for emergencies that may come up and as a business owner it is essential to be prepared for the unexpected.  Having a business credit card can help you in that regard not to mention also bring multiple perks like cash back, airline miles and other rewards!