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Working capital loans are the most common form of business loan requested.

Why?  Because a working capital loan can often be secured without putting up any personal collateral and additionally there is often great flexibility to use the funds for any legit business expenses!

In other words, instead of the bank telling you how to use the money you the business owner call the shots on where best to put the capital to use.  Working capital loans can be very flexible in helping your business to cover short term expenses, fill accounts receivables gaps, help you to make payroll, buy new inventory or simply expand with new marketing campaigns.  Indeed working capital loans are a necessity for all growing businesses.


The biggest question that business owners have about working capital loans is often where to go for them and how best to qualify for them.

That is where LCC’s network of lending sources is truly valuable, not only do we know the right lender to connect your business with, but also the best financing terms available.

Many business owners face challenges like imperfect personal credit, tax returns with losses, unexpected life events that temporarily lower sales, and as business owners ourselves we truly understand these issues and have established relationships with lenders that lend based off of your strengths instead of denying you financing due to temporary weaknesses.

Working capital loans  from our lending partners are truly unique in that each lends based on current strengths of your business.  Maybe your business has solid cash flow and consistent sales coming through your business bank statements, well we have loans based on that strength.

Perhaps your business has been in business for several years. We have lenders who finance companies based on that criteria.  Or maybe you don’t have the cash flow or time in business, but you do have excellent credit that can be leveraged to secure your working capital loan.

The bottom line is there is always a solution and our team of Funding Professionals will work tirelessly to provide the best working capital loan solution for your business!



As a business owner…

you constantly face many challenges and according to SBA lack of sufficient capital is at the top of the list. The Small Business Lending Index says that more than 75% of business applicants are rejected financing at their bank.

To be one of the businesses that successfully secures funding you need a professional who understands the complexities of business finance. We act as your liaison to help you secure the best financing possible so that you can grow your business. Don’t leave something so vital to your business to chance. We will fight like a Lion to get your business funded!