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Why Being Self Aware is Key to Success in Life

One of the biggest epidemics is that we constantly lie to ourselves. ‘Excucitis’  is a little disease that lives inside each of us. 90 percent of the country are not making six figures.  Being self aware is being honest with your shortcomings. Be aware of your weaknesses and bring in other experts that fill the […]

How Mastering Funding Led to Billions for these Entrepreneurs

In today’s business funding environment it is clear that some of the tech giants out there like Google, Facebook and Twitter have alerted entrepreneurs to the opportunity to start a business by raising capital and if you have the right idea, service or product the rewards can be incredible.  However recent studies show that less […]

How Fundable is Your Business?

Fund • a • bil • i • ty – [adj. Fuhnd-uh-bil-i-tee] You won’t find “Fundability” on, so don’t bother looking. Fundability is a phrase we’ve coined to describe how a business measures up in relation to the entire business lending and investing community. Now all joking aside, how “Fundable” is your business? Fundability is not just about your business credit. It includes several components that determine […]

One Trick to Overcome Business Hurdles

Business owners are often very autonomous, independent individuals who find solutions to their problems rather than rely on others to solve them.  The best business owners in the world have learned a few things that help separate them from the competition, so what is the big secret? The Answer is that they know how to […]