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Make six figures working part time

Sales reps are needed as district

managers at Lion Credit and Capital

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Where Do Sales Reps Go For a Strong 6 Figure Income Opportunity All While Working Part Time?

The Answer is to become a District Manager with LCC and to lead Businesses to Money with our many Funding sources who lend on a Business’ strengths not its supposed weaknesses. There is no better feeling knowing that you helped to secure money for a business so that it can grow, hire new employees and effect a positive change in the lives of many families and communities!  Apply Below and We’ll Contact You.


What Makes This Opportunity So Unique?

  • Effective & Proven Sales Training Techniques that Really Work
  • Realistic 6 figure opportunity
  • Know that you are Helping fulfill the top need of most business owners
  • You will be the reason that jobs are created and that local businesses flourish & prosper.
  • Great support and fulfillment from our Funding dept and Sales Dept
  • Fantastic Monthly Sales Contests with Cash Bonuses and Tropical Vacations
  • Weekly Trainings & the opportunity to be promoted to Executive positions with access to more income & wealth building opportunities
  • We will Teach you how to set up your own Business the right way
  • Train you how to build strong personal and corporate credit
  • Legally limit your tax liability
  • Build Wealth & Participate in other Wealth creating opportunities
  • Teach you how to get paid from one sale for the rest of your life.
  • We are in this for the long haul, you can build a network and exponentially grow year after year as LCC also grows, we will build wealth together.The Top Business Credit Program in the Country

 Our District Manager Program

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