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Why Being Self Aware is Key to Success in Life

One of the biggest epidemics is that we constantly lie to ourselves. ‘Excucitis’  is a little disease that lives inside each of us. 90 percent of the country are not making six figures.  Being self aware is being honest with your shortcomings. Be aware of your weaknesses and bring in other experts that fill the […]


A Business That Can Scale

If you’ve ever seen the 90’s movie (wow that dates me) “Jerry Maguire” one of the top sports agents realizes one day that his life does not have quite as much purpose as he had recently believed that it had, in fact he begins to realize that all he is doing is making some money, […]

How Mastering Funding Led to Billions for these Entrepreneurs

In today’s business funding environment it is clear that some of the tech giants out there like Google, Facebook and Twitter have alerted entrepreneurs to the opportunity to start a business by raising capital and if you have the right idea, service or product the rewards can be incredible.  However recent studies show that less […]